AvenueHQ is hiring a Remote Director of Revenue

As the Director of Revenue at Avenue, you will be taking on a central and critical role as we look to accelerate growth. You’ll be joining Avenue’s leadership team and have a high degree of ownership to set strategic direction and to make key decisions to achieve our business goals and vision.

You’ll excel in this role if you have a broad range of experience across sales and marketing at previous SaaS tech companies. You’ll work closely with your team to support them in their day-to-day as well as coaching and developing their skills. You’ll bring an analytical approach to increasing our growth, putting it to work by identifying, testing and optimizing new channels to support our long-term growth goals.

At Avenue, two of our values are ‘We care about people’ and ‘We redefine what’s possible’. With these in mind, we have built a people-centric organization with a culture of empowerment at its core. As a leader at Avenue, this means you default to trust first and see your role as supporting & empowering your team to overcome their challenges themselves.

As a growing, agile company you should expect to roll up your sleeves from time to time and to regularly collaborate with other departments. Expect to work closely with operations, product and engineering to impact the whole client journey from acquisition to onboarding to retention.

Avenue is a fully-distributed company with a bias towards a-synchronous communication. We started down this path (with everyone else!) a year ago but will remain distributed permanently, for more on this see the ‘About’ Avenue section below.

If this sounds like a great match for your background and career goals, we would love to hear from you. Please take the time to review the whole job description, including ‘Our Hiring Process’ on how to apply and what to expect through the process.

We look forward to working with you!

What You’ll Do

  • Own vision, strategy and execution for revenue growth across sales & marketing. Today this includes inbound/outbound sales, conferences (post-pandemic) and multiple marketing channels (including paid acquisition, referrals, social, SEO, etc.).
  • Identify, validate and optimize new and existing channels, funnel processes and content to increase leads and conversion and grow revenue.
  • Work with client experience to develop upsell pathways that increase wallet share through the client lifecycle.
  • Use a data-backed approach to monitor team performance, setting clear targets and working to coach team members towards achieving them.
  • Day-to-day sales management; monitoring the pipeline, tracking progress against targets and providing metrics to the team and the wider company.
  • Work alongside the other members of the leadership group to set company direction and strategy.
  • Run quarterly and annual forecasting.
  • Work cross-functionally to increase the value we deliver to our clients and improve retention across the client lifecycle.
  • Support and enable our quarterly project teams when their work touches sales and/or marketing.
  • Build and develop relationships with external partners, such as real estate boards and industry conferences.

Key Competencies

Avenue uses a competency-based approach to personal development and hiring. Competencies are broad qualities that guide success in a role and within a career path. They are the amalgamation of behaviours, skills, experience and ability. At Avenue, we’ve defined 9 core competencies that are consistent across all roles:

Strategic: Understanding Context, Flexibility & Adaptability and Decision Making Empowering People: Collaboration, Communication and Empathy Delivery & Performance: Problem-Solving, Productivity and Self-Organisation

Questions during the interview stage will be competency-based.

For this role, we have identified the following as key competencies (expect a greater focus on these during the interview process):


  • You are excellent at balancing and sorting various inputs – including previous experience, data, stakeholder wants/needs, industry standards, etc. – to make informed and thoughtful decisions.
  • You clearly identify the success/failure criteria of a decision before putting it into action. You build feedback loops and identify milestones to help guide towards success.


  • Communication starts with others. You listen carefully and deliberately, bringing curiosity to all your conversations.
  • You communicate your purpose and direction with clarity, integrity and enthusiasm.


  • You are an expert in creating and nurturing an inclusive environment that develops all team members.
  • You work to be an empowering leader, looking to set up and support your team to excel and deliver on business objectives.
  • You’re approachable and accessible, supporting your team through the tough times and pausing to celebrate the good times.

Flexibility & Adaptability

  • You embrace and thrive in the variability and challenges that come from a growing tech startup.
  • You build structures and processes that feed a culture of innovation and empowerment, enabling you and your team to seize the initiative and capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves.


  • You’ve cut your teeth in growth-stage SaaS tech startups. You understand the challenges that companies at this stage face (and jumping back into these excites you).
  • You’ve previously held a Director level role or have an established track record in a Senior Manager role.
  • You have experience in both Sales & Marketing, you understand how each can support the other.
  • You have a wide range of Sales experience and have developed a toolbox of different approaches and ideas.
  • You’re familiar with online advertising. Bonus points if you have gone down the rabbit hole of growth marketing.
  • You’ve worked in a distributed or remote-first environment and understand that it is far more than just adapting the office to zoom (5 levels of remote work). You have a bias for a-synchronous communication, but also know when to blend in a synchronous stand-up or meeting to bring the team together.


  • Total annual compensation (salary + bonus) for this role will be $120,000-$150,000 (CAD) dependent on experience.
  • Generous equity package.
  • Great benefits delivered through League.com’s digital platform, giving you flexibility, choice and control. Extended coverage for both medical and dental, plus your own lifestyle (gym, workout gear, ski pass, etc.) and health spending accounts (massage, chiropractor, glasses, etc.)
  • The right tools for the job (Macbook + accessories, monitor, $500 home office stipend, $40/month internet allowance).
  • Flexible hours and unlimited vacation (at Avenue you work when it makes the most sense for you and your team).

About Avenue

Avenue is a distributed, fully remote organization. We transitioned to working remote last spring (like everyone else!) but haven’t looked back since and plan to remain so permanently. Asynchronous communication and flexible hours let us schedule our days so we work when we do our best work without missing out on life’s important moments.

Avenue grew out of a need we saw in the real estate industry. All of the REALTORS® we knew put in hours of screen time each week online, trying to manage the many moving parts that made up their personal marketing. They wanted to attract new clients, but they weren’t getting the results they wanted.

As a team of marketers, engineers, and designers, we saw how our respective skill sets could work together to solve their problem. We could give Realtors what they’d never had before: The chance to market themselves online, and stand out—supported by the knowledge and tools only a team of experts could provide.

Today Avenue offers realtors through North America a beautiful semi-custom website aligned with their brand, lead capture tools, lite-CRM, online advertising management and a monthly email newsletter. Giving our clients access to a complete online marketing strategy that was previously only available through high-cost agencies.

While we still have a large opportunity remaining in real estate, our vision is to expand our services to all solo-businesses. Joining now will give you the opportunity to have a central role in this next chapter.

Salary and compensation

$90,000 — $120,000/year


North America Timezones

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