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The Functions of Bitcoin Faucets: What Are They?

Bitcoin faucets were the first point of contact with the world’s leading digital currency for many newcomers in the early days of Bitcoin.

Posted October 4, 2023 at 7:28 am EST.

In June 2010, just a year after the invention of Bitcoin, developer Gavin Andresen created the first Bitcoin faucet. The idea was to introduce Bitcoin to people and establish its utility to encourage adoption.

In this article, we explore the workings of Bitcoin faucets, their history, and whether they are a good way to earn satoshis. Read on to learn more!

What Is a Bitcoin Faucet? 

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A Bitcoin faucet is a program, network, or website that rewards you with modest amounts of bitcoin for completing certain tasks such as solving captchas, playing games, and viewing ads. 

The concept has expanded beyond Bitcoin, and users can now earn rewards in other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin.

The idea behind cryptocurrency faucets is to introduce cryptocurrencies to users without them having to spend any money. Most people have limited knowledge about cryptocurrencies and often still associate the industry with hacks or rug pulls. As such, faucets offer a free entry option into the space, where users don’t have to worry about making a big loss. 

How Do Bitcoin Faucets Work? 

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Bitcoin faucets let users earn bitcoin by completing tasks like reading articles, solving captchas, answering surveys, watching ads, and playing games.

Given the primary target audience comprises newbies, bitcoin faucets are generally very user-friendly. Registration is also straightforward and doesn’t need sensitive information. 

Users receive rewards in the form of Satoshis once they complete their tasks. A Satoshi is the smallest measurable unit of bitcoin, with one bitcoin comprising 100 million Satoshi. Some Bitcoin faucet platforms offer up to 30,000 Satoshis for the completion of activities. 

The rewards are quite modest, and given how time-consuming the activities are, it can take quite a while to earn significant rewards. Additionally, most platforms have set minimum withdrawal thresholds, making it challenging to spend your rewards immediately.

Types of Bitcoin Faucets

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There are various types of Bitcoin faucets with different features: 

  • Referral-Based Faucets: Users earn rewards for referring others to the site. They then earn a percentage of their referral’s rewards. 
  • Lottery-Based Faucets: Users enter a lottery to win a large amount of bitcoin. The lottery entry requirement is the completion of a specified number of tasks or a small fee. 
  • Game-Based Faucets: Users earn bitcoin by achieving high scores or completing quests in the game. 
  • Captcha-Based Faucets: Solving a captcha correctly entitles users to collect their rewards. 
  • Timer-Based Faucets: Completion of tasks within a specified time limit (usually an hour) earns users rewards. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Bitcoin Faucets

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When considering whether Bitcoin faucets are for you, you may want to consider their benefits and drawbacks. 


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  • No technical knowledge needed: Built with novices in mind, Bitcoin faucets have no complicated features that would limit those who lack the expertise. 
  • Free to use: The only requirement is to have a Bitcoin wallet. Users don’t need to make any financial commitment. 
  • No specialized equipment needed: Unlike bitcoin mining, which requires investing in expensive equipment such as GPUs, most faucets are compatible with Android and iOS to democratize the chance of earning bitcoin.


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  • Minimum withdrawal thresholds: Some platforms can set their withdrawal thresholds so high that it wouldn’t be feasible for users to earn enough to withdraw. 
  • Very little ROI: The time spent carrying out the various tasks only results in minimal amounts of bitcoin, questioning whether the time commitment is really worth it. 
  • Many faucets are scams: Malicious Bitcoin faucet platform owners use the allure of free rewards to execute phishing attacks, identity theft, or drain a user’s wallet. So you have to be careful with Bitcoin faucet you use if you decide to try some. 

Are Bitcoin Faucets A Good Way to Earn Bitcoin? 

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Although you could earn some satoshis on the way, faucets aren’t the best option to earn bitcoin. It takes quite some time to complete the tasks, and the amount of rewards received isn’t worthwhile. Still, Bitcoin faucets are an excellent way to get into the world of Bitcoin, learn how Bitcoin payments work, and how to store your coins securely.

Just be careful out there, as not all Bitcoin faucets are born equal.  If you’re interested in Bitcoin faucets, conduct your research before spending your time on a faucet to ensure you are interacting with a legitimate platform that will actually pay out. 


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