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Do you like betting against your friends? Do you want to place bets on your favorite sports teams without losing real money?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should check out the Fliff social sportsbook app.

As a social sportsbook, Fliff employs some of the same mechanisms as social casinos. Similar to how social casinos allow users to play Las Vegas-style slots without paying money, Fliff makes it possible to place sports wagers without having to use real cash.

If you’re thinking that sports betting without real money sounds great, it gets even better. That’s because of the Fliff promo code.

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How does Fliff work?

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Fliff is a social sportsbook that operates similarly to social casinos. Instead of offering real money gambling, these types of sites are regulated under sweepstakes rules.

On the Fliff app you can purchase Fliff Coins with real money. You can use these tokens to make sports betting picks, and the winning wagers are paid out on the odds of the wager in the form of Fliff Coins. Fliff Coins let users play for fun, earn XP and achievement badges, and move up the leaderboards. Fliff Coins, however, hold no cash value.

The app also features Fliff Cash, which acts as an entry into the platform’s promotional sweepstakes. When you purchase the valueless Fliff Coins, you are gifted Fliff Cash in accordance of the size of your purchase. While Fliff Coins have no value, you can also bet in Fliff Coins, which can be redemeed at any time for a 1:1 cash equivalence.

The draw of a social sportsbook app like Fliff is the opportunity to compete against friends without losing real money. Fliff users also appreciate the ability to redeem real cash prizes via Fliff Cash. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced sports bettor, you can use Fliff to experience all the fun of wagering on games. Plus, the app is a great option for gamblers in states that still haven’t legalized online sportsbooks.

Fliff betting odds

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All the sports betting markets that you’ll find on a real money sportsbook are available on Fliff. The app opens with the offering of the moneyline odds for each team. When you go further into the markets, you’ll see all the traditional wagering options. Once you open all the available markets, you’ll see the point spread lines, the odds and number for the total, and hundreds of other wagering options.

Your choices for betting on Fliff include alternative lines on both the side and total. Their offerings have so many different lines that the odds can range from as low as more than -1000 to more than +2000. Almost all of the wagering options can be added to a same-game parlay, offering players the chance to increase their odds and win even more Fliff Coins.

What sports are available at Fliff?

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The Fliff app looks exactly like a real money online sportsbook, as it features most of the same sports that are on the board at any online sports betting site. Opening the “All Sports” tab brings up every sport you’d find on the big board rotation at any retail sports betting location. Options range from college sports and professional leagues to more niche competitions.

Here’s a list of all the sports that were recently listed on Fliff:

  • Basketball – NBA, WNBA & College Basketball
  • Football – NFL & College Football
  • Hockey – NHL
  • Soccer – Every US major soccer league and most international soccer leagues
  • Tennis – ATP & WTA
  • Baseball – MLB
  • Fighting – MMA, Boxing

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There are regular contests on the Fliff social sportsbook app that allow you a chance to win Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash. Fliff also has Daily Bonus Games which you can enter by using some of your Fliff promo bonus.

Daily Challenges on Fliff allow you to win Experience Points (XPs). These XPs can be used to get more Fliff Coins. The Daily Challenges are random plays and allow you to have some action on an actual game without wagering real money.

Playing with friends on Fliff

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Playing against your friends is one of the key features of the Fliff betting app. Since there is no real money being exchanged, you can use the Fliff social side to set up contests with your friends and family members.

You can create a leaderboard for your private contests and use it to keep track of the standings. Since playing Fliff is allowed in almost every state, you can set up contests with other people no matter where they’re located.

In which states is Fliff legal to play?

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Fliff Sportsbook is legal in that you are not technically wagering real money. You are wagering with Fliff’s in-house currency that they will allow you to redeem for cash. Because of this sweepstakes system, Fliff is legal in most US states.

If you’re looking to participate in Fliff’s sweepstakes promotions, note that players in the following states are restricted from doing so:

  • Washington
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Tennessee

Being able to participate in Fliff’s sweepstakes promotions means you can earn Fliff Cash and redeem it for real cash prizes. While you should be good to participate in Fliff’s sweepstakes promotions as long as you’re not in one of the above states, eligibility may vary from month to month. Be sure to check Fliff’s Terms of Use and Sweepstakes Rules to confirm your eligibility.

Promotions for existing Fliff users

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Once you have a Fliff account, all your wagers earn XPs. That means you can grow your balance with every bet you make. The Fliff Daily Challenges allow players to earn more XPs by simply logging in each day and completing that day’s Daily Challenge.

Fliff uses referrals as another way to promote their site and reward their players. You can earn more experience points for all the friends and family that you get to open a Fliff account too. Every new member who joins because of you and spends at least $5 in their account earns you 100 experience points.

Is it safe to use the Fliff Sportsbook app?

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Fliff is safe to use, with no purchase being necessary to play for fun. The platform engages expert counsel in each jurisdiction it operates in to ensure full compliance with applicable laws.

You can also feel confident when using Fliff because of the app’s partnership with trusted, industry-leading payment gateways. These mechanisms make it possible to securely deposit cash to purchase Fliff Coins and redeem Fliff Cash for real cash prizes.

Fliff app review

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The Fliff social sportsbook is currently only available as a mobile app with a desktop version coming soon. Like many sports betting apps, Fliff is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Depending on whether you’re an Android or iOS user, your experience with the Fliff app may differ. Here are some of the pros and cons that reviewers from both the iPhone and Android side of the aisle have posted about:

Pros of using the Fliff app

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Pros of the Fliff app include:

  • Some users noted that the Fliff mobile app was easy to use and that the buttons worked quickly.
  • Winners commented that withdrawing is quite easy and that it’s a great app!
  • Reviews mentioned that Fliff allowed family members in different states the ability to play together.

Cons of using the Fliff app

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Potential cons of the Fliff app are:

  • Some reviews discussed users experiencing difficulty logging in by email.
  • Another player said that it takes a while for the app to verify the user’s location every time.
  • Multiple reviews mentioned there were too many “service error” messages.

Fliff referral code

Fliff Sportsbook odds

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The odds that are available on Fliff are similar to those on any online sportsbook. Fliff offers the option to make plays using point spreads, moneyline odds, and everything in between.

Fliff also has alternative lines that can extend both the points a team has to win by as well as the total points scored in a game. Those odds can become much higher or lower depending on how different the points in the alternative line are from the original spread.

Using Fliff Cash

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As an entry into the platform’s promotional sweepstakes, Fliff Cash allows you to make sports wagers and win cash prizes including gift cards. You’ll be able to redeem Fliff Cash once you meet the minimum redemption level and comply with Fliff’s verification requirements per the platform’s Terms of Use.

While you can’t purchase Fliff Cash, you can load up your account in other ways. You may purchase Fliff Coin packs to earn Fliff Cash as gifts. You can also earn Fliff Cash by placing winning bets that pay out more Fliff Cash.

One of the easiest ways to earn Fliff Cash is via our promo code HANDLE. In addition to up to 600,000 Fliff Coins, you’ll get $100 Fliff Cash that you can use to bet and win real cash prizes.

Fliff sports betting withdrawal

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Any withdrawals you make have to be with Fliff Cash, as Fliff Coins aren’t redeemable for cash prizes. Keep in mind that there’s a minimum withdrawal amount of $50. Fliff’s terms and conditions require a one-time play-through of Fliff Cash before you can withdraw it.

Getting your winnings from Fliff and into your bank isn’t that difficult. You’ll be required to verify your identity before withdrawing your winnings will be dispersed. Once you’ve completed all the steps to confirm your transaction, you can get your funds via:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill

How to use and purchase Fliff Coins

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Fliff Coins are the social sportsbook’s virtual currency that lets you play, no purchase required. These tokens not only allow you to place wagers but also serve as measurements for leaderboards and contests.

Additionally, Fliff Coins help you have a good time and build status within the social sportsbook’s community without spending real money.

Keep in mind that Fliff Coins have no monetary value and can’t be transferred to or used to win Fliff Cash. They also can’t be redeemed for cash prizes.

The platform lets users claim Fliff Coins every two hours. Alternatively, you can purchase Fliff Coins that come with Fliff Cash gifts.

Of course, you can also use our promo code HANDLE to get not only $100 Fliff Cash but also up to 600,000 Fliff Coins.

Fliff bet types

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The wagering markets available on Fliff are the same as the options on most online wagering sites. The vast selection of bet types will make the experience feel very similar to betting real money on your favorite teams and games.

Here’s a closer look at the bet types that Fliff offers:


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This wager involves picking the team that will win the game with the point spread included. Side wagering, also known as against-the-spread play, is one of the most popular betting choices.


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Moneyline plays do not require teams to win or lose within a margin set by the sportsbook operator. On Fliff, the odds for each side are adjusted to level the wagering based on the probability of each team winning the game.


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Wagering on how many points will be scored in a game is called wagering on the total. You can bet whether the total points scored in the game will be over or under the number posted on Fliff.



Parlays are wagers that involve more than one pick on the same ticket. The more plays, or legs, that you add to this Fliff prediction, the higher the payoff in Fliff Coins. Parlays pay more, but they also require every play to be a winner for the bet to be paid. You might also enjoy same-game parlays, which allow you to bet on multiple legs within a single event.


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Props are the various propositions that Fliff will have for each game. Many times, these props are based on the scoring in a game or the individual player’s statistics. They can include how many catches a receiver will have or how many touchdowns a quarterback will throw.

How do I sign up for Fliff?

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Here’s how to sign up for Fliff:

  1. Download the Fliff app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. While you can’t currently sign up through the Fliff website, a desktop version is coming soon. The mobile app for Android and iPhone users still offers a great betting experience in the meantime.
  2. Create your account by completing all the fields with your personal information and location.
  3. Apply the Fliff promo code HANDLE to get a generous welcome bonus of up to 600,000 Fliff Coins and $100 Fliff Cash.
  4. Confirm your account activation either by email or with a text alert.
  5. Open the app and look around at all the options to learn how the app works.

How is Fliff different from a traditional sportsbook?

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Fliff is a social sportsbook. Players do not wager with real money and instead use virtual currency to make their wagers. Cash prizes are redeemable via Fliff Cash, which you can earn by purchasing Fliff Coins, winning wagers with Fliff Cash, or using a promo code.

What kind of bets can I place on Fliff?

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All of the typical bets that you can make with an online sportsbook are available on Fliff. Depending on which book you’re using, Fliff may actually have more markets. There are some games listed with hundreds of markets available.

How do I get a Fliff Cash bonus?

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Use the promo code when you create your Fliff account, and you’ll be welcomed with bonus Fliff Cash. Your referrals are also a great way to get extra Fliff Cash and introduce friends to the platform.

What states is Fliff legal in?

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Fliff is legal in every US market except for the state of Washington, where the app is completely restricted. You can play for fun with Fliff Coins but can’t redeem prizes in the following markets: Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, and Tennessee. Everywhere else, you should be able to play with both Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash.

What is the Fliff promo code?

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Use the Fliff promo code HANDLE when you open your new Fliff account, and you’ll get up to 600,000 Fliff Coins and $100 Fliff Cash.

How do I get paid if I win on Fliff?

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It’s easy to get your winnings from Fliff. You can redeem your Fliff Cash for money at any time using either a bank transfer or the online payment system Skrill.

Not technically… though you can win Fliff Cash that can be redeemed for real money at a 1:1 ratio. So take from that what you will…

Yes! Fliff is a completely legal social sports betting site. Because you are not wagering with real money, Fliff is not subject to the same sports betting regulations. Washington is the only state where Fliff is completely unavailable. Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, and Tennessee have permitted Fliff, but not the “sweepstakes” side where you can redeem Fliff Cash for real money prizes.

You earn XP every time you refer friends or family to Fliff. You may earn XP for actions such as your referred friend joining the platform and spending money to buy Fliff Coins. Be sure that your friend uses your referral code when they sign up so you can reap the rewards.


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